Korchmar Justin Compact Brief Case Bag Review - Discount Code Inside!

The American bag manufacturer Korchmar gave me the gift of sophistication with their Justin Compact Brief Case.


I knew my wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a briefcase, so this came at the perfect time. It appeared in my Rustic Dapper Shoot with Topman and Hopsters, and now after experiencing it for a few months, I’m bringing you more details on the bag. I say “experiencing,” because carrying this bag enhances your whole outing — it’s not just a place to put things. The smooth texture of the waxed canvas, the smell full grain oil tanned leather, and the ease with which the brass clasps slide into place just make carrying this bag a beautiful experience. Every time I use it I notice another detail, like the way the inner sleeve maintains its shape with hidden magnets, or the smoothness of the carrier strap. Like that perfect pair of jeans, I believe this bag will grow with me as years come.

Korchmar clearly has an eye for aesthetic because they reached out to me knowing how well this bag would suit my (and your) style and love for great craftsmanship.

My only complaint is that it’s a little heavier than I’d like, preventing me from comfortably walking long distances with it.


View more images of my full outfit.

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Photography by Fit For a Femme.