Leroy's Bed-Head Bob

Anonymous asked: I normally keep my hair quite short - somewhere around my cheekbones at most.

"Lately I’ve been interested in growing it out to more mid-length, somewhere around my chin or a bit longer. How do I have the length while keeping a more queer/tomboy style?"

Leroy is now helping out with our hair questions! He says:

My thing is to avoid the ONE-LENGTH bob. Nothing ages a person more than having one-length hair. I do what I like to call the “bed-head bob.” It’s basically a super layered bob all chopped up on top. Keep the longest layers around your jawline. Hold onto your length! Keep the back a little hiked (NOT Jon n Kate plus 8 hiked) and messy. At chin length, you can get away with your shortest layer being about 3 inches long at the crown. It’s a really good look for everyone. Never part this style in the middle! Always keep it messy. It’s an easy way to get your length grown out, without that typical “awkward phase.” In 6 inches, you’ll have shaggy grunge hair, and you can choose to trim the length and grow your layers out a bit less dramatically or continue with the length, keep the edge and have “witch hair.”