Lesbro Lessons: How to Wear Snapbacks Without Looking Like a Tool


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Anonymous asked: What do you think about snapbacks? Tips on wearing them without looking douchey?

A.D. says: Wearing a snap-back requires a few things, including swagger and a slight smirk. Both can lead to douchey-ness, BUT you can totally rock a snapback without looking like an asshole. You just gotta strike the right balance. Snapbacks, for starters, should be paired with something other than shorts and a tank top. I think snapbacks go with most outfits, even a blazer and tie (but, like, outside the office, obvi). In a snapback, avoid the ‘I’m so cool’ face, in which you never smile, have your earphones in, and look miserable. You will look like an asshole; instead, SMILE. 

That’s it.


(from: theampalcreative.com)

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