Lindsey: Androgyny At Its Best

Lindsey, (different Lindsey, not Lindsie) was an absolute treasure for all of us when she posted her picture on Lesbians Who Look Like Um… Lesbians.

Lindsey’s tumblr is, and I’m guessing the name refers to Shane Mccutcheon, the L word character who inspires some of Lindsie’s look, namely the use of make up and shaggy hair.

Reasons why I’m obsessed with this girl:

1. She has an incredibly androgynous body shape.

Her torso is shaped in a more masculine way with broad shoulders that curve inwards and not back out at the hips. The casual pullover also has a wonderfully androgenizing effect on a girl because it emphasizes the shoulders more than the chest area. The shape of her body also allows her to wear necklaces and not detract from the androgyny she seeks! (As oppose to me, which I touched upon in Pulling Off the Tomboy Look). Also thanks to her body shape, she continues to maintain her androgynous look while she dresses more feminine with the tank top unbuttoned to draw attention to her boobs.

2. Her Posture is Incredible

Posture is always something to consider when trying to appear more masculine, because bad posture habits are most likely a result of cultural impressions around how women should hold themselves. (Male bad posture habits have different tendencies than women, partly due to body shape, but largely due to culture.)

So if you want to look more androgynous, improving your posture with things like Yoga and Feldenkrais will open up your shoulders and make them appear broader, and in turn, free of cultural impressions about how women should hold themselves! Other postural variation will be up to your gender; I think androgynous women also naturally develop a stance with their arms slightly away from their sides.

3. I usually don’t like the two-hole belt, but it works for her!

I usually don’t like the two-hole belts like the one in the second picture down, because for my taste they can err on the side of being too emo, but it works really well for her and her look. Also her hips are narrow enough that she can wear the belt low, and I don’t think the belt works for women with hips (such as myself.) Though this might sound like a Lesbian Public Service Announcement, I’d discourage any girl with bigger hips (such as myself) from attempting to pull off this belt, because I think it works best on masculine bodies and when sitting low on the hips.

4. She does her make up well

Her make up is done subtly and in a way that brings out and enhances her androgynous looks. Seeing as I never use it, I don’t know enough about make up technique to comment on HOW she does this, but perhaps sometime I will do an entry about make up in which I interview her! Make up seems to be a trend for people with an emo inspired look, perhaps because Shane did it so well.