Lindsie: Femme with Lesbian Flair

Meet Lindsie ( the gorgeous 18-year-old lesbian from Georgia I stumbled upon on Tumblr.

She incorporates pieces into her wardrobe that have been adopted by the lesbian community (ties, button-down shirts, suspenders) while still remaining femme. Why would you want to do this, other than that the styles are hot? In my opinion, it’s a way to signal to other lesbians that you’re part of the club. Or perhaps you just have a masculine side that you want to express without going too far in that direction. I hope her outfits will give inspiration to lesbians who either feel in-between the butch-femme spectrum, or who simply want to incorporate some lesbian flair into their attire while remaining femme. Also, having a quirky style like this naturally lends itself to buying more used clothes, and thus allows you to be socially responsible and save money!

Shirt: Pacsun
Necklace: American Eagle

Shirt and Sweater: New York and Company
Tie: Walmart (though I don’t want to endorse them)

Hat: Goodwill
Shirt: New York and Company
Suspenders: Goodwill

Shirt: Target (Converse)
Jacket: New York and Company

Hat: Goodwill
Sunglasses: Target
Shirt: New York and Company

To see more of Lindsie, which I imagine you’ll want to, visit her youtube:

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