Long Hair Currrrrrls! (Part 2) with Raimi and Lee

Contrary to popular belief, not all queers have short hair.

Last time we tackled short curls, but it’s time to show some love for long curly tresses. We’ve had plenty of questions about how to style long curls, especially from folks who still want an androgynous look. If you have long curly hair, you’ve got some stories. We feel ya. 

Here are some androgynous updos we love:

Pomps: YES! You with long and/or curly hair CAN HAVE A POMP! Not just a short hairdid. And here is the Qwear post on how to have a fabulous curly queer pomp!

The pomp’s badass country cousin the Rockabilly is also a style that can be adapted for long hair!

Here are some other fabulous styles you can rock!

  (from  weheartit.com )

Long flowing tresses can be dapper too! Check A.D. out at Ex-Southern Belle.

Favorite Curly-Hair Products

For many of us curly-hair queers, finding the right product for our curls is ESSENTIAL and yet SO DIFFICULT. Whyyyyy??!!

We’re gonna help take some of the work out of it for you! The polls are in, and some of our lovely comrades have voted for some of their favorite curly-hair products. The products most widely beloved were the ones that come from companies that specifically cater to curly hair, such as Deva Curl and Miss Jessie’s. Other popular suggestions were natural products such as coconut oil and jojoba oil. The most common recommendation, though? Not using shampoo! So use this great excuse to save water, folks — shampoo is terrible for most curly hair and you just don’t need it!

To better understand our suggestions below, we suggest that you learn more about what type of curls you have from a Hairguide (like this one from Naturally Curly).

Have a favorite, magical product that’s not listed here? Tell us about it! We especially love to hear about more products, especially on the cheaper end!