Masculine Coats For Petites

Anonymous asked: "t’s getting cold, so I was wondering what kinds of masculine, stylish winter jackets y’all would suggest?

"What do I look for in style and fit? Especially for people who are super-petite—I want to be warm, but I also want to be handsome and not look like my winter coat is eating me!"

Courtney, Our new dashing petite style consultant, says:

When you’re petite and looking for a coat, fit is a super important aspect to look out for. You want to make sure the style of coat you’re wearing is sized properly, particularly in relation to waist placement and length. So it’s usually best to try things on and check the fit before you commit to a coat; especially since quality coats are usually on the expensive side. Shorter styles that are meant to end at the hip or mid-thigh are generally safer. Peacoats, because they are a shorter cut style, are good for achieving that high class wool overcoat look without feeling like you’re drowning. 

American Eagle coats are pretty good quality, and the men’s sizes go all the way down to extra small. I have a friend with a peacoat from there that she is very happy with.

American Eagle Peacoat, currently on sale for $79.99

Land’s End is, of course, known for their quality outerwear. Their Wool Commuter Parka in Current coat comes in a lovely currant color, as well as being, again, cut shorter to accommodate for the shorties.

H&M usually cuts things slimmer, so it’s easier to find styles that work with a smaller figure. It can be somewhat hit or miss, however, so trying things on helps a lot. (Sonia adds: for someone who has been known to complain about the quality of H&M’s clothes, I love their jackets. This is the third winter I’ve worn a puffy coat I bought from them for $50, and it keeps me real warm. It also makes me look muscular.)

This Ralph Lauren Overcoat, on sale for $129.99 at Macy’s is cut shorter and also comes in short as well as regular. Lots of big department store brands offer short sizes in coats.

We also have an earlier post on winter coats with several styles that would work excellently on petite people!