Meet Skirtcraft: Modern, Rugged, Unisex skirts

Us qwears have many feelings when it comes to skirts. Many were forced to wear them growing up, while others could only wear them in secret for safety. A lot of people in our community get bullied or assaulted for wearing skirts, whether they are a femme who is deemed "too pretty to be a lesbian," or a MAAB trans/nonbinary person who is defying gender norms.

It's a shame that the majority of the Western world has decided that skirts are only suitable for cis women, not just because it reinforces the gender binary, but because they are a very useful garment! The right skirt can be very comfortable to move around in, and even keep you cool on hot days. 

Two years ago, Joe Quarion set out to fill a gap in the clothing market. His frisbee team in Minneapolis decided they were all going to wear skirts for one game, but he couldn't find one that felt quite right. Confused as to why there weren't more skirts catered towards men, he decided to make his own.

After many drawings and trial runs, he developed a skirt for all genders with practicality and comfort in mind. Featuring a unique slanted zipline, they look incredibly comfortable and like the kind of skirt you can really mess around in.

He has his factory picked out and the first run ready to go, so all he needs is support from the community to fund it! (see his video for more details)

Even if these skirts don't suit your personal style, this is a great project to support. Normalizing the wear of skirts by all genders can significantly reduce the violence towards trans women and non binary MAAB folks. And if you happen to want one for yourself, you can preorder with your donation!