Men's Vest Trick

Izzy, from this post is back, modeling some more dapper fixings at Izzy's Massage Studio, Muscle & Bone PDX. 

In addition to some excellent and bold pattern mixing, Izzy keys us into another secret: for wearing mens vests over lady hips, leave the bottom button undone.

Glasses: SALT. from Blink in Portland, OR
Bow tie: vintage Sears circa early 70’s, found on Ebay
Shirt: old Woolrich flanel that belonged to a friend’s grandfather from the 60’s
Buckle: Stole from brother who got it from their parents when they went to Mexico
Jeans: Carhartt Denim Pants
Shoes: Camper
Bear chair: House of Vintage in Portland, OR

This photo is curtesy of the fantastic Lesbians in Portland blog.