Menswear that Will Keep You On Your Toes

Anonymous asked: "I’m seeing all these guys’ pictures from prom and they’re all in the generic black or white suits with a vest the color of their date’s dress.

"I want to look snazzy or dapper or some other wonderful adjective at my prom, without looking like someone copy-pasted my outfit. Any suggestions?"

I want this for you, too Anonymous. And what’s the point in being queer if you can’t have a little fun? Here are some ideas that I bet the cis straight boys at your school haven’t thought of:

Color: Having a non-black suit can pretty easily eliminate the predictable factor. (source) Riviera Club has some beautifully detailed yellow pants like this on sale for $72 (clicky)

Elbow patches: Sexy professor look. Nuff said. (Source unknown. If you took this picture please tell me.)

Unique Dress Shoes: Dress Slip Ons, wing tips, saddle shoes, contrast soles, or oxfords of other colors are a great way to spice things up. The lady reelers above are the 1901 ‘Saddle Up’ Oxfords at Nordstrom

Pattern mixing can make for a really bold and dynamic outfit. The key is to mix big patterns with smaller ones. Check out the pattern mixing tag for more inspiration. (source