Miss Hootie Baby Brings Chic to Arkansas

I got a hold of Ashley Yielding’s girlfriend, who goes by Miss Hootie Baby. As you could imagine, Hootie lives up to the standards of the Androgynous Fashion Queen herself.

Though I’ve had limited interactions with her, it seems that Miss Hootie Baby’s internet name sums up her flirtatious, playful, and feminine persona. I’ve based this observation off her creative, varying, and chic clothing choices; that she puts up with her girlfriend getting hit on by multitudes of Tumblr lesbians every day (though it seems that she drew the line at the swim suit picture. Too bad!); and that she lives in Arkansas and hasn’t gone legally insane.

When choosing which pictures to include in this post, I decided to stick with the “lesbian elements” theme. Hootie’s fashion has many attributes for our inspiration, but I take away these three things: 

1. A girl can wear men’s clothes and still be hyper femme.A true femme, Hootie wears blazers, mens’ shirts, and hipster glasses in the most feminine way imaginable. When she wears blazers, she accentuates the curves of her legs with tight leggings. With other collared shirts, she mostly tucks them in to bring out her hips (which is best done with high-waisted pants and skirts much like you see here.) 

2. I should totally use more props in my pictures. Each outfit is in a completely different character, and the photography helps to bring that alive via location, props, lighting, and camera angle. 

3. Why not wear a different style every day? What I love about Hootie is that she doesn’t just have one style. (Well, according to Lookbook, she has 47.) I imagine she has fun playing the role of her daily outfit, even if she does it in as simple ways as holding doors for strangers, or smiling at people on the street. Not that she’d want to smile at them…. she’s in fucking Arkansas. 

  • Shirt: “Country Demin Button Down,” bought at an antique mall
  • Tights: Target
  • Heels: Bakers

All vintage

Vest: Supposedly borrowed from some friend named “Dylan”

For more styles by Hootie, visit her lookbook. Special thanks to my new internet (and soon to be real-life) friend Natalie for assisting me in asking Hootie for this feature. Follow her! (www.nattyv.tumblr.com)

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