Modani Modern Furniture + Fashion Mood Board

I've always loved the simplicity of contemporary interior design and I wanted to produce a post that combines fashion with design. I took inspiration from Modani, a furniture store specializing in contemporary and modern furniture.

I started a mood board with their white monaco sofa because it's kind of my dream sofa — one side for Ru and the other for me! Plus we can move it around and reassemble it as we see fit. (Modani has more centerpieces in their collection of modern sofas.) I added other accessories for the room as well as an outfit inspired by the design. A lot of their pieces are a single color — either black and white or something bright, so I combined them with simple clothes and accessories that I felt matched the aesthetic and offset the blocks of color with a dynamic rug and a few contemporary paintings I love. 

 Couch:  M  odani  / Sandals:  Dr Martens Gryphon Sandal  / Plant: Red-Edged Dracaena plant / Green painting:  William Scott (1913 - 1989)  / Coffee table:    M  odani  /  Xavier Serrano  / Rug:  Surya Signature SIG-1002 Hand-Tufted, Good Quality Area Rug ,  RugStudio  /   Yellow painting:  Zinc Yellow, 1959. Franz Kline  / Mirror:  M  odani  / Lamp:  M  odani  / Pillow:  M  odani  / Ottoman:  M  odani

Couch: Modani / Sandals: Dr Martens Gryphon Sandal / Plant: Red-Edged Dracaena plant / Green painting: William Scott (1913 - 1989) / Coffee table: Modani / Xavier Serrano / Rug: Surya Signature SIG-1002 Hand-Tufted, Good Quality Area RugRugStudio / Yellow painting: Zinc Yellow, 1959. Franz Kline / Mirror: Modani / Lamp: Modani / Pillow: Modani / Ottoman: Modani

What do you think of my selections? Comment below.

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