Modcloth and Femme Simplicity

Modcloth is one women’s clothing store where I feel right at home.

They have original retro, vintage inspired, and, well, adorable pieces by indie designers. Their clothing embodies the kind of simplicity that us lesbabrons dig (as recently blogged about on Effing Dykes). Their descriptions are queer inclusive. They follow me on Twitter. Basically they are the best. Here are some of my favorite summer get-ups: 

The Sonny Sees Cute Queer and Walks into Traffic Frock, also known as the Flower Show Dress. Available here for $139.99

Smile Like You Marine it Bag, available here for $93.99

Thought an andro dress wasn’t possible? Think again. Coach Tour Dress in Spearmint, available here for $47.99

Flat Hunting Belt in Yellow. Available here for $13.99

They have THE cutest vintage bathing suits, like the old photos of your grandma. Beach Blanket Bingo Two Piece in Black, available here for $89.99.

Wanna be Brighter Than Sunshine for realz? What’s the Scoop Neck Top in Gold, available here for $12.99

Emerald Island Earrings, available here for $7.99.

Upon the High Seas Shorts, available here for $57.99. Perfect for that whale watch you’ve been planning.

Sail Bow Flat, available here for $32.99

Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress in Orange, available here for $59.99. Available in my heart any time.