My New Gay Fashion Job At Fourteen

Ladies, Queers, and Fagettes! I’m excited to announce that my fashionisto career is expanding beyond the blogging platform. 

Fourteen, a company that makes formal wear for queers, hired me as their marketing assistant. Their inventory has grown since my last post about them, and I’m excited to jump on board. I’ll be learning more about fancy clothings, hitting up wedding conventions, and getting you exclusive updates on Fourteen’s growth as a company.

They just got our new website launched. Check it out! My favorite latest addition to their collection are the Tapered Wool Tux Pants.

I don’t expect my role with Fourteen to affect my position as your Qwear blogger, in terms of content or posting frequency. Whenever I talk about Fourteen I’ll include a note at the bottom explaining that I also work for them. If you have any questions about my new position, come say hi at

Your favorite fancy queer-pants (except for THB),


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