My Single Speed

Summer is the time to zip around Boston on my single speed and dodge the buses that I so gladly am not on. And who said that bikes couldn’t be a fashion accessory? The Torker’s bare bones style fits perfectly with my aesthetic, and I’m willing to nearly pass out every time I go up a hill to keep it that way.

We want to see how you’re getting around this summer! Especially if there is not gasoline involved. Submit your pics here, and don’t forget to tell us where you got the wheels/pogo sticks.


Helmet: Bern
Sunglasses: Lacoste
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (Macy’s boys 8-12 department)
Watch: 666 Barcelona
Shorts: Old Navy “Women’s Perfect Khaki Bermudas”
Shoes: Adidas
Bike: Torker Single Speed U-district