My Suit Has Arrived!

I present to you: the culmination of menswear for female bodied people.

Or in other words, AHHHHHH$%^&! MY SUIT CAMMEEE

The rarity of finding men’s clothes that fit me speaks to this momentous occasion. I got it at Topman, the UK brand that’s closest store to me is in New York. The pants are snug and conform well to my lady-thighs and the crotch area doesn’t even look like there’s too much extra room. The jacket bunches up a tad in the middle because of my hips, but the shoulders are the right width and the jacket is the right length. I will take it in and see what a tailor can do about that (and keep you guys updated!)

Toman's suit

Suit: Topman, “Black Textured Skinny Suit
Button-up: Banana Republic, Non-iron fitted sateen shirt
Tie: Express, snagged during a $10 tie sale
Shoes: Bass “Susie Black Navajo Leather

Topman’s clothes seem to be tailored for skinny guys. Everything is smaller and even some of the XXS’ are too small for me! I think the closet American Equivalent is H&M, but they only have a few XS sizes sprinkled around and those are still a tad roomie on me.

I’d also recommend just getting the pants if you are looking for men’s dress pants but not a whole suit. Here’s some light gray ones for $50.

My success with this suit demonstrates what my blog is all about: finding clothes that work for queers out of our limited options. I feel like hott stuff in it and I’m really proud to own it. Spread this around, because this suit is really an incredible find.

Special thanks to Georgie who originally told me about them!