My Top 10 Outfit Inspirations Right Now

I see perfectly tailored jackets, floral patterns, bright colors, attention to detail, danyisms, and preppiness. Also, to the anon asking about combining make-up and masculine clothing? All the yes.

Jalan and Jibril’s photoshoot for Pocket Square Clothing (from:

Jalan and Jibril’s photoshoot for Pocket Square Clothing (from:

Alexander Giest

Meet Alexander Giest, singer, performer of gender. This photo is by Adrian Lourie

Adrian, winner of the TSB May giveaway

This is Adrian, winner of the TSB May giveaway (from:

Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi

Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi at New York Fashion Week (

Steven Alan's Spring Summer 2013 collection

Pulled from Steven Alan’s Spring Summer 2013 collection (

Esther Quek Grey Suit

What can I say… she’s just perfect (from:

Jalan and Jibrilviiwinners

Jalan and Jibril’s collaboration with Viiwinners, drawing inspiration from 1940’s Collegiate or Prep style. Items from this photo can be grabbed at

preppy street style

I’m not sure how this photo happened; it may have just gotten captured on the street. But continuing along with my interest in primary colors and preppy styles. (from:

cell phone runway men's fashion

The fact that anyone would even consider pairing these two colors together, and making them work, is unthinkable. However, the Piet Mondrian phone is clearly a part of the outfit as well. This is model Torben King, and the photo was first spotted on Closet Freaks.

grey suit and gold sweater

The creator of this outfit said he was inspired by a rainy day to mix grays, play with texture and add a pop of color. (from:

So what do you think of these outfits? Would you dare to be this bold? Or are you just waiting for that perfect thrift find? - Sonny