New Haircut, and Tieless!

This H&M’s women’s blazer had been in the back of my closet for a while because I felt it was too feminine. But it was actually seeing Esther Quek's neatly tailored women's suits that encouraged me to try it again. Now I like the fit, and feel that it matches my androgynous presentation perfectly.

The Hunter Boots are Qwear virgins; got them at the Tannery in Harvard Square for $50 and am always waiting for rainy days like to today to sport them.

sonia oram queer style esther quek

Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Boys’ Blake Oxford, tailored
Belt: Express (men’s)
Pants: Gap Broken-in Straight Khakis (also womens!)
Boots: Hunter Women’s Brixen Combat Boots, bought at the Tannery

I decided to go tieless today because if I wore ties all the time then A. I’d have trouble distinguishing between dressier and more casual occasions and B. I’d never get to show off top button swag (and in the colder weather, my mad ironing skills.)

Finally, my new haircut! Based it off of Logan Lerman in his holiday sweater and wanted to copy his adorable geeky style, but had also found inspiration from queers I’ve seen around town. I did it at a La Flemme Barber Shop in Lexington, MA; an affordable old school barber shop across from where I work that did a fantastic job. 

Sending warm thoughts from Boston,