OMG Its Been a Year

Today* is the one year anniversary of Dyke Duds’ launch! That’s right! My very first post was on June 6th, 2011.

Thanks so much for following, you guys! My goal was to create a forum for queers to celebrate our styles and share clothing tips, and it’s been really amazing to see my vision blossom into such an internet sexyfest of little queerling fashionistas. I can’t believe that in one year I went from being like “what the fuck is Tumblr” to having the honor of featuring a whole bunch of famous people like Everyone is Gay and Jenelle Hutcherson, joining forces with Ashley Yielding, collabing with Unbound Apparel, writing for Diva Magazine online and Equally Wed, having a feature on Dapper Q, and interviewing the Butch Clothing Company and Ratio Clothing. But my favorite part has been getting to see YOUR outfits and hear your experiences!


A few fun facts:

1. The first three posts of Dyke Duds are written by my best friend Thomas, because I had never blogged before and thought I didn’t know how to write about fashion.

2. I used to think I looked bad in ties and bow ties, until my former-girlfriend/friend convinced me otherwise. I now wear them all the time and I truly believe that everyone looks good in them.

3. When I started Dyke Duds, I identified as a lesbian. Now I don’t! But hey, it’s still an easy way for people to find us on google.

4. I used the Tumblr handle “lesbo-fashion” until someone in my queer circle came up with “Dyke Duds” during a brainstorming sesh about 2 weeks in.

Thanks for following, and if I haven’t heard from you yet, please drop me a line! I’m very friendly and I like personalized mail.


Sonny I’m-a-Big-Queer Oram

*Well, yesterday actually. I got distracted by the pretty sunglasses and forgot.