Pacsun: The Perfect Men's Jean Sag

Lots of folks have been asking about the perfect saggy jean.

Though Kayla’s body type lends itself more willingly to this look, Pacsun's men's jeans have now been recommended several times by people of varying shapes. Pacsun jeans seems to be a favorite among the queers.

And, I love that backpack. For a non-backstabbing brand with a similar look, try Everlane!


Bag: Urban Outfitters*
Sweater Pullover: Urban Outfitters*
Jeans: Pacsun
Belt: Arizona clothing
Moccasins: Target
Glasses: Ray-ban
Kayla’s Tumblr: stellarhypnosis

*Urban Outfitters donates money to anti-gay campaigns. Learn more about their actions hereBuffalo Exchange and Ragstock are great hipster alternatives