Pants: Creating a Slim Look in a Plus Size

The trend nowadays is leaning towards a slimmer pant leg.

I find it especially challenging to find nice pants with a slim leg in my size. Either they fit too slim in the thigh for my comfort or they are outrageously expensive. The solution? Tailoring. Regular fit pants (without a slim leg) tend to be less expensive as they are not currently on trend. Last week I took my pants to a tailor to get the pants legs tapered.

  (Source:  dapperQ )

(Source: dapperQ)

I started off with Tommy Hilfiger chinos that were over 10 inches wide in the pants leg. After I got them back they were about 9 inches (the preferred width for a woman’s pant leg according to my tailor). The most important thing to clarify with your tailor is where the fabric will be taken in. Some tailors will taper the leg starting at the thigh region. DO NOT LET THE TAILOR DO THIS! Tapering from the thigh will alter the size and fit of the pants. As a result, the pants will be slimmer at the bottom and too tight in the thigh. Make sure that the tailor takes excess fabric from the pants leg only (below the knee). She charged me $12 to taper the pants (a fair price). Remember to take this into account when purchasing your pants. 

Also, pair a slimmer pant with a slimmer shoe. A slimmer shoe is a shoe that fits closer to the foot. This creates a streamlined effect that will create a modern silhouette and instantly slim you. You can find slim shoes just about everywhere now. My favorite pair is Cole Haan oxfords that I got from an outlet mall at 25% off retail. Happy tailoring!


Alisa Oxford, available at Cole Haan for $178