Pants: What Can You Fix With Tailoring?

We got a few more pant fit questions following Courtney’s advice on Combating Waist/Hip Ratio Issues in Men’s Pants. This time I turned it over to Blake. Happy holidaze! - Sonny

Anonymous asked: "Is it ever a good idea to buy pants that are too big in the waist?

"I’m curvy with wide hips and big thighs, so a lot of pants (in the men’s as well as the women’s section) that fit me well in the leg are too big in the waist, especially since I prefer my pants to be looser in the leg rather than skinny. Belts are always an option, but in one case a pair of pants I otherwise loved was way too big in the waist. Can tailoring fix this, or have I been looking for pants in the wrong places?"

It really depends on the pair of pants. You don’t want your pants to be “baggy” in the crotch area (I find that this is more of a problem with men’s pants). If there isn’t too much extra fabric below the waist, everything else can be tailored. Any tailor can hem pants or take the waist in.

I, too, like my pants to be more baggy. I achieve this by buying a size up and wearing a belt. Belts not only keep me from flashing everyone, but they are also a great way to add an extra dimension to your outfit (a pop of color, texture, etc.). 

(^ Blake in the most amazing pants everrr! from

(^ Blake in the most amazing pants everrr! from

All of my jeans are Old Navy’s Sweetheart Skinnys. The legs don’t hug me too tight, but they’re fitted. The quality isn’t the greatest, but they are affordable and fit me well. My khakis are Tommy Hilfiger chinos that I got tapered and hemmed. Excellent quality and fit, a bit pricy. At the end of the day, shop around to find the pair of pants that work best for you. They are out there.

Anonymous asked: So I know for shirts and blazers and things, you really want to make sure that the shoulders fit you. What would be the equivalent for pants? I mean hems would be pretty easy, but would it be more problematic to have a saggy butt or too wide waist or what?

Tailoring can essentially fit any pants that are too big perfectly to your frame. If they are too tight, tailors can’t take or add fabric to the butt area. Likewise, too much or too little fabric below the belt can’t really be altered. Besides that, tailors can do just about anything. I’ve gotten pants tapered (see Pants: Creating a Slim Look in a Plus Size!), hemmed, and gotten the waist taken in. If in doubt, just ask your tailor. They know much more about clothes than me!