Peter Pan Collars, I Love You!

The beauty of peter pan collars has been calling out to me since the beginning of my fashion obsession (c. 2011). In addition to its vintage goodness, it is very school girlish — two styles I can’t live without. Dresses with collars also have an androgynous edge that I just adore. 

I haven’t yet found any men’s shirts with peter pan collars. There are rounded collars which are also dazzling — as you can see in this Topman shirt — but they don’t lie flat on the shoulder in the same way. However, you can buy or make the collar separately (shown below) and add it to any outfit. I’d LOVE to see a more masculine or androgynous person get up on that. (Submit here!)

Until then, here are some of my favorite inspiration and buys for the femmes and femmewear admirers:

Christina Caradona, peter pan collar

Extra points for the sexiest hair ever. Navy Collar Shift Dress with Pearl Embellishment, available at Dahlia for $30.00, modeled by Christina Caradona. (Follow her blog, TropRouge.)

peter pan collar

(source: Get yours at American Apparel


(source: milkteeths.blogspot.comClothes thrifted. Can’t find blue gingham collar like that, but here is a Unionmade Crew Neck Sweater in Pink.

peter pan collar

Detachable Peter Pan Collar in grey, available at Luulla for $30. Similar designs available on Etsy.

peter pan collar dress

Oh, and those socks… and Dr. Martens… and glasses…

Ebba Zingmark, modeling the Navy Skater Dress With Collar, available at Wandering Minds for $68.34. (source:

peter pan collar teal dress

Green peter pan collar dress, available at Dorothy Perkins for $35.00. And by green, they mean teal.

peter pan collar lace dress

Gosh darn. Wouldn’t this make such a good bridesqueer dress? Feeding the Doves Dress, available at Modcloth for $69.99

peter pan collar yellow top

Simple Cut Peter Pan Collar Top in Neon by Chic+, available at for $43.90

This site is so much like Modcloth! Kitschy titles, vintage fashion by indie designers, photos on mannequins, and CUTE CLOTHES in the upwardly affordable range.

peter pan collar polka-dot dress

Put a Swing on It Dress, available at Modcloth for $114.99