Picnic Outfit

Jennelle in Portland took this picture on the way to a picnic with her lovely redheaded girlfriend.

She says, “This outfit was inspired by looking through A Bicycle Built for Two, a lesbian wedding blog. I saw so many adorable couples on there!!  All the cute dykes had blazers and I immediately went out and bought one!!”

Brown blazer and shoes? Totes dapper. But my favorite part is the red socks.

Hat: Goorin Bros ($50)
Glasses: From her mom
Blazer: BCBG
Checkered Shirt: Foxcroft Brand, via Goodwill
Black jeans: vintage
Shoes: Cole Haan

I might need to pick up a packet of these babies. That pop of color goes a long way: 

Branded 5 Pack Socks, available at Topman for $24

And by the way, don’t try googling “Red Socks.” Apparently there’s a popular baseball team in Boston that’s spelled similarly.

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