Play Out Underwear... Let's Kickstart This Shit!

Hayy ya’ll! I had a blast in NYC and I’m going to post pics soon.

But until then I wanted to give a shout-out about this new queer-owned underwear company called Play Out. I met one of their founders Abby at the Dalloway and she showed me a pair. Touching it felt like laying in a bed of kittens.

"You find a lot of underwear for men that they have a bunch of different colors, cuts, shapes; fun things to wear! But for women it’s either too girly… or boring." You make a good point, Abby! GOOD POINT.

They need to raise $50,000 by May 8 to produce these things sooo if you go to Kickstarter you can support them! It’s like pre-ordering your future comfort and sexiness.

Mass production when done right is a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

Play Out Underwear: Kickstarter | Facebook | Twitter