Prof(r)esh-to-Party Queer Haircuts

Anonymous asked: "I’m hoping you can help me with a hair question. I used to have short funky hair.

"It was one of those ‘hello-I’m-a-lesbian’ haircuts. I absolutely loved it as it was androgynous enough that I felt it truly reflected who I was. However, now that I’ve entered the workplace (I’m a teacher) I’ve had to rethink my ‘do. I’ve grown my hair out to a boring shoulder-length with highlights but I really don’t feel myself. Can you suggest a short cut that can be worn two ways (formal & funky)"


It’s all the buzz (sorry, we had to). For folks with longer hair, having a patch of shaved or shorter hair on the side of your head or the back near your neck can be like having a fabulous secret. For work, just wear your long hair in a way that covers the short bit (down, or in a low ponytail), and then just reveal the short hair for party time! Pull it into a high ponytail or bun, pin it out of the way, style it into a pomp, or just sweep it out of the way.


queer undercut hidden

(Believe it or not.. Shawdeen has a rad undercut!)

queer femme undercut

(It’s Aimmeeee! - Sonny added this picture)


Casey Legler, everyone’s favorite male model, has an excellent example of a versatile ‘do: buzzed to a fade on the sides & long on the top that can be combed over to the side, pomped, or spiked!


Casey Legler hair
Casey Legler professional haircut


Product, product, product:

If you’re a ‘mo like Lee, you probably carry a few different hair products with you! Lee carries at least 3 on any given day (in repurposed lil jam jars) & a comb so they can both resuscitate their current ‘do or change it at a whim for the next event.

queer hair product

From left to right: Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing PomadeGarnier Fructis Style Extra Strong Fiber Gum Putty, Got2B Styling Spiking Glue

Product is what can take Pink’s hair from glam and slicked back to wild and ready to party. 


(from: [left] [right]


Every queer’s favorite word! Many folk go from day to evening/ feminine to masculine with earrings, hats, headbands, glitter (my all-time fave), & makeup


(Thanks, Maryse!)

queer haircuts

Werk what you have


Doesn’t Alyx just scream “queer professional” to you?

Just because you have a “hello I am a lesbian” haircut does not mean you can’t look profesh! Some jobs may have dress codes which don’t allow shaved heads or other (awesome) cuts, but generally speaking, if the rest of your look is professional, there’s no reason you can’t have a rad, queer haircut. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably already got a good headstart on the dapper look.