QPOC Interviews with Sola Onitiri: Priyanka, She/Her

“How would you describe your style, phases, and inspiration.”

“Ideally I want to say cyber goth but at the same time there are those cyber goths on youtube that do that weird dancing so I don’t want to be any part of that. But, I just love goth and want to be it. But I would have to say that I have pieced together my style and ‘trash millennial goth’ is my true calling.”

“Give us some fashion rules that you Reject.”

“White after labor day. I don’t know if that still a thing. Mixing prints, apparently you have to be super particular about it, I think that’s dumb, just do you. I also hate when people say that moms can’t dress hot. Just because you become a parent doesn’t mean you lose all sex appeal. Wear what you want, do you.”

“As a Queer Person of Color How do you feel that you fit into mainstream fashion?”

“Racial diversity, you never use to see brown models anywhere but now you do and it feels good that I’m represented in mainstream media. I got 'into fashion' when I was in high school and at that point I was still very white- washed because of seeing only white people, and wishing I was like 5’9 and stick thin and that was super detrimental to me. Even now it’s like why aren’t my thighs thinner, and why am I not paler so I can wear super dark lipstick. But representation of people who are not conventional makes everyone feel better about themselves and teaches people that you don’t have to be skinny and white to be successful. There are so many people who are not skinny and white and privileged that are doing just as well, if not better.

Priyanka is currently a sophomore Drexel student studying marketing. She is from a small town in North Jersey but is super happy to be residing in Philadelphia. She's is also lover of scones, Gilmore Girls, and really dumb dating sites.

If you are a QPOC in the Philadelphia area who is interested in being interviewed for this series, email solaonitiri@gmail.com or tweet @sola_eclipses