Queer Halloween Costumes! (2012)

I finally got my camera back that I left at my friend’s house! So now I can show you all the amazing queer halloween costumes I witnessed.

A little late, but hey. Perhaps a little inspiration for next year? The Friday night event was LGBTQ ice skating; so that explains the skates.

gay superhero

Every queer is a superhero in my book

flower costume

Lexi as a flower!!

couples costume

Cuteness. Photo cred David Booth

sonia hugo costume

Me as Hugo!

Sam Shakusky

Sam Shakusky from Moonrise Kingdom. I loved this costume… and the movie.

rachel maddow costume

Rachel Maddow. Elizabeth REALLY needs to dress like this all the time.

post apocalyptic queer

Sarah Champagne as a post apocalyptic queer… with I forget what Aziz was. Abe Lincoln?

post apocalyptic queer

Animal fur will keep us warm in the future.

pregnant beyonce costume

Pregnant Beyonce. Photo cred David Booth

bloody costume
bloody costume
bloody costume

Homemade blood and ribs…. so impressive.

peter pan costume

Peter pan, from the man whose entire wardrobe is green.

halloween drag queen

I don’t know what this one was going as… other than sexy. So naturally I needed to be in the picture.

lumberjack and hannah hart costume

Hannah Hart and Lumberjacks can look strinkingly similar