Queer With Long Hair

emmych asked: "So I’m having a little trouble figuring out how to wear my hair — it’s super long and curly, but no matter what I do to it, it looks way too 'straight'!

"What are some cute, femme looks for long hair that still look trendy and queer that could also start to drift towards the boyish and androgynous side?"

Oh. My. God. I am giving you some Tumblrs and you can thank me later:



A.D. looking hot and queer in long hair. (source: exsouthernbelle.tumblr.com)

Running the long-hair-dont-care-bowtie club is my LIFE CALLING. It is made up of really badass people with long hair who like other people with vaginas and other women-identifying folks. Hair makes no statement about your gender identity/etc.

However, I have a few tips:

1. Rock it. Love and take care of your hair. Don’t wash it too often. Don’t blow dry it. Don’t swim without a cap. 

2. Don’t force it into a ponytail all the time.  It wants to breath. Like a human. 

3. Try the poof. (See i-dream-of-dapper). How-to: pull hair back into half pony, get hair clip, place hair clip in hair. style accordingly. (warning: poofs can get huuuuuuuge! which is sexy.)

4. Try dying your hair, or shaving a portion, etc. 

5. Or just be bad-as-fuck! Seriously. Rock the long hair. I’ve mainly dated people with long hair, and I don’t think any of us would have been mistaken as straight after 2 minutes of personal interaction.