Queer/Trans Lingerie Photoshoot with Bluestockings & Qwear

Gender nonconformity has started to break its way into the fashion industry, so long as the models conform to white, ableist, heteronormative beauty standards.

Real queer bodies (Note: homoerotism does not count as queerness) are not acknowledged in mainstream consumerism. 

This lingerie shoot conquers overpowering mainstream fashion norms as it turns us away from the male gaze and towards a revolutionary examination of queer fashion assembled at the intersection of race, gender, and body size.

A lot of indie lingerie brands do a great job at providing body diversity, but fall short at including images of queer and gender nonconforming people. When brands do feature plus size models, they are usually on the small size of the plus size spectrum, and not every shape is treated equally — the models must have the industry's coveted hourglass shape. The fashion industry reduces racial diversity down to the lightest skin tones, catering to social constructions of white beauty standards. Our bodies are offered up for the benefit of white desire and reduced to a coercive casual passivity.

These beauty standards permeate into queer culture, whether through the outright “no fats no femmes” dating profiles, or through the more subtle choices made in choosing partners. Even some of the most charismatic nonbinary femme activists of our time can’t get dates because society's expectations of feminine beauty seep into the greater queer subconscious.

We teamed up with the queer lingerie brand Bluestockings Boutique to create the imagery necessary for our community to thrive. Our incredible crew of models show off Bluestockings' inventory of ethical and eco-friendly underwear, and in doing so we reclaim our own desirability outside of the fashion industry.

Intro by Sonny and Rupi.



Bow Playsuit by Dottie's Delights

Robe: a vintage one-of-a-kind from her own collection





Dino Bone Bra by Bad Bunny

Dino Bone Knickers by Bad Bunny





Karina Crop Top by Erica M

Hawa Lounge Pant by Dottie's Delights



Bettie Page Feather Ostrich Babydoll by Bettie Page Lingerie

Karina Leggings by Erica M



Black Lace Boxers by Foxers

Half Binder by Danae

Bettie Page Feather Ostrich Robe by Bettie Page Lingerie



Jeanna Kadlec, Bluestockings Boutique
Sonny Oram, Qwear

Debbie Jean-Lemonte, Dag Images

TJ, @nyquilminajj (Tumblr)
Mx Pris Matic, @mxprismatic (Instagram)
Brie (she/they pronouns)
Alysse Dalessandro, Ready to Stare 
Nyala Sheila
Ariel Mahler, @ariel_chiq (Instagram)

Maggie Gillette of The Giving Bride