Queerfabulous Swimwear

Some of my fellow Oberlin alums share a few secrets on finding gender non-conforming swimwear while frolicking on the beach.

This is quality queerness.


Jackson (Far right in first picture):

Tank top: H&M boys

Rainbow Leopard Spandex Sports: B-Skinz, borrowed from Tess who bought them as part of a fundraiser for the Shippensburg women’s rugby team

Tess (Far left in first picture):

Swimsuit: Gap Outlet

Shirt: From Queer Women’s Health Conference SF 2007 “A friend of mine from high school tie dyed it for me at my request, and then we cut it up!”

Sascha (Middle in first picture): 

Swimsuit: Target

Bottoms: Little boys’ Daffy’s trunks, bought at Uzzi. “They’re awesome because they don’t ride up and become obscene if you run around like women’s styles tend to do, and they also don’t have generous sections allowed for male anatomy like men’s trunks.”

Photography by Lindsay Ladd