Queering Hot Pink

Anonymous asked: "Hi, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on styling a hot pink infinity scarf so that it doesn’t make me look really girly?

"I’m surprised that I love how it looks considering I don’t like scarves or pink but I feel like it’ll make me look too feminine. (I wear button downs and jeans all the time)"

Perfect outfit: Pink infinity scarf + button down (I see blue or green… nothing too “girly,” like white or purple, but you could definitely rock a light chambray with some dark denim) + jeans/pants, boots (I’m thinking Timberlands or chukkas) + a bad-ass jacket (leather or jean or blazer with the sleeves rolled up) + SWAG.

Personally, I think statement pieces, like a hot pink scarf (or tie or interesting/weird belt or… you get the picture), must be anchored by staples. I would pair the hot pink scarf with some really strong pieces that are more neutral in color (like simple boots and a dark jacket). Boots and leather jackets/jean jackets/blazers are definitely seen as more masculine and are so much fun to rock. The combination of 2-3 masculine items and a pink scarf would look totally awesome.

Don’t fear the pink. Pink is your friend. (Well, now it is. I know it terrorized your childhood. We were supposed to love pink, yeah? Now you can rock it. You can queer it.)

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