Queersicle in Suspenders

One of my old Oberlin Colleagues came up on my Facebook dashboard the other day, reminding me just how many well-dressed dykes there are in the world. Sasha’s rocking the hipster glasses and femme dyky look. Her T-shirt has a pretty feminine fit as well as her hair cut and dangly earrings. But the suspenders and personality in her T-shirt just scream queer. And I’m not even going to say anything about plaid, because we made that shit happen. Her outfits kinda remind me of Lindsie's because of the whole femme with lesbian flair thing.

Oh and hey guess who has the same puffy vest in white?


Glasses: zennioptical.com

T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Suspenders: H&M men’s


Sunglasses:  Vintage store in Oberlin, OH
Hat: Marshalls maybes
Necklace:  Chain Plus, antique key
Flannel shirt: French street market
Puffy vest:  Hand-me-down, from American Eagle

Photo credit www.lindsayladd.com

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