Quyen Dinh's Mix of Trends

I know you’ve all been waiting for more representation of gorgeous dapper hipster-inspired dykes, so here she is, my friends. With her hair falling perfectly over her face and her mix of trench coats, ties, sporty winter wear, ear gauges, and love knuckle tattoos, Quyen Dinh's got the best of every world of contemporary fashion trends. She's the perfect example of someone who mixes and matches, takes what they want from the ideas around them and throws out the ones they don't want. She's someone who experiments and says, “fuck yeah, I can be dapper and artsy at the same time.” 

Perhaps her brilliant aesthetic is because she is in fact an artist; check out her work here. Aside from a couple button-ups and sweaters from H&M, the majority of Quyen’s clothes were thrifted.

Leather Jacket: AllSaints

Puffer Jacket: TNA

Puffer Jacket: TNA