Qwear Best of 2012

Woohoo! Another calendar year of queerfabulous fashion debauchery.

I’ve laughed, I’ve cried (of joy). I’ve spent hours messing with HTML and CSS and SEO and trying to figure out how the heck the internet works. I’ve gotten inspired by all of YOU fabulous people in all your gingham and fitted corduroy. I’ve added J.Crew ties to my cart and then closed the window and then went back and then closed, because those beauties are toxic. 

So, highlights of 2012. Your favorites, along with some of mine:

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The Full-On Budget Shopping Post(Mines) Oct 19, 2012
Casual Ways to Layer Button-ups (Yours! 68 notes) Sep 27, 2012
Blake’s Thrifting Success (Mines) Nov 7, 2012

Thanks for reading Qwear, and here’s to another year of insane style and queer celebration. If you haven’t shown your face here yet, I highly recommend submitting. Because everyone likes being a little gaymous. 

- Sonny