Qwear Highlights from 2015

Ok, this past year has been awesome.

Rupi and I brought our show Dismantle Me across the country to Oakland, New York, and Boston.

Bing's article about Harry Styles went viral, getting 7.5 thousand retweets (one of whom was his mother.)

Case in point, whether you're gay or straight, queer fashion is liberating for everyone. Remember, you don't have to be queer to be QWEAR.

Speaking of which, in 2015 we launched #QWEAR to give everyone a platform to show off their fashion on our homepage. It now has over 1,500 tags on Instagram.

We had a bustling Black History Month in February.

Anita Dolce Vita's 13 Black Influencers Queering the Fashion World was a popular read all year.

Our stories and our bodies are hidden in unseen corners of Google, Pinterest, and Tumblr, whereas whiteness is usually found in abundance on page 1.
— Anita Dolce Vita

Ryley Pogensky's The Road to the Back of the Bus — When White Trans Men Take All the Seats brought forth a really important dialogue about white privilege in the trans community.

While sitting and listening on Huffington Post Live last week to a white trans man talk about how important fitting into cis male culture was for him I wanted to gauge my eyes out.
— Ryley Pogensky

I had a blast taking photos with Rupi at Boston Pride, capturing all the queer beauty. 

Lastly, one of your favorites, "Hey Queer" Captures Queer Asian Beauty and Culture helped bring visibility to a “Hey Queer,” a new photography project based in NYC that captures the beauty of queer Asians.

Well, thanks for an amazing 2015, and we can't wait to see what #QWEAR has in store next year!

Happy new year,

The Qwear Team