Qwear + Indochino Suit Up Queer Wedding

We recently teamed up with Indochino and an engaged couple to suit up their wedding.

Indochino is a custom suit company that's streamlined their approach to keep their suits affordable while still fitting their customers exceptionally well. They've always been very friendly to us queers and exceeded our expectations for this event! 

Our suited bride Megan wisely chose their signature rainbow lining for the occasion, which she declared the hit of the wedding: "I had people coming up to me all night asking me to flash them!"

Megan had all positive things to report from the suiting experience right from the fitting to her special day. Indochino staff were very welcoming: "When I went for my suit fitting, I was given significant attention, and the Indochino staff didn't bat an eye at the fact that I was a woman." The suit was initially too big, but upon her second fitting, they resized it to be "nearly perfect." This demonstrates their care to make the best products possible, because it's always better to create something too big and take it in to the person's liking than risk making something that doesn't fit right.

Megan also noted that the summer fabric did its job of keeping her cool. "The day of our wedding, it reached 100% humidity, but I was comfortable keeping the full suit on for the entire night. The fabric was lightweight and breathable."

Indochino is currently having a crazy sale, with suits for under $400! Because they will make the suit to fit your body, I believe it's an ideal choice for queers on a budget.

If you live near an Indochino showroom, you can go get measured in person. If not, you can order a  tailor's kit included with the price of the suit to pick out the fabric and measure yourself at home.

I think it might be time to get a new suit!