Qwear Lifts Ban on American Apparel After CEO Dov Charney's Suspension

A few years ago, Qwear stopped endorsing American Apparel, as their current CEO, Dov Charney had several suits of sexual harassment towards female employees.

On August 2nd, American Apparel suspended Charney and put together a new board, which also now includes a woman

We don't know much about how the people under Charney decided to oust him, but this article provides some clues into the company coping in a bureaucratic system even though they knew something bad was going on.

In support of their decision, we're now lifting our ban on American Apparel, removing it from a disclaimers list that includes Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch.

I'm glad we stuck by our values until American Apparel followed suit! Personally, I'm excited to wear their colorful socks again.