Qwear Suspenders Guide

Ever since Amy modeled her suspenders for us, I haven’t been able to get them off my mind. They’re so bold and cute and dapper… and a really good statement piece. (The statement being that you are hott.) So here’s everything you need to know about wearing them.

There are two types of suspenders: clip ons, and button-holes. The button-hole ones are classier, but in order to wear them you need to have buttons on your pants. Which are really easy to sew on if you took Home Ec. class. The buttons can be on the inside or the outside. Suspenders come in of lots of materials and patterns. If you’re gay I suggest you get all of them.


1. If you are having trouble getting them to fit right, experiment with suspender width and where you clip them on the front of your pants. They fit best close together on some people and farther apart on others.

2. Suspenders do not only need to be worn over the shoulders. You can also let them hang down and be super awesome.

3. Despite what some people say, I believe that suspenders can be worn with anything. Traditionally they were formal, so if you want to be old school you can wear them like that.

4. Suspenders are meant to hold your pants up, so wearing them with a belt can look silly. They also tend to go better with pants that sit higher up so that they appear to have a purpose. 

5. BOOBS. Some people have them. Wearing the suspenders farther apart at your shoulders will help with smushing. 

A little inspiration:

(source: weheartit.com)