Qwear x Modcloth Review: Mod in Mid-Winter

Growing up, all my friends were crazy about this online store called Modcloth. I would spend hours going through page after page of vintage and quirky apparel, jewelry, and home decor to find them the perfect birthday presents. I'd go as far as to say that Modcloth is the fashion equivalent to tumblr, an on-going supply of cute, quirkiness, and hilarity. I saw so many things that I would think were adorable and say "If I dressed more feminine, I would totally buy that" but I never did. I have always seen Modcloth as a feminine boutique which just wouldn't fit my style but I was definitely wrong.

Modcloth was generous enough to send me a couple of items from the Nicolette Mason line as well as "men's t-shirt" and I have to say, I really like them. I was skeptical at first, I will admit it but holy crap this has to be one of the most comfortable suits I've warn in awhile. The material of this blazer is actually fairly heavy and yet soft. I actually forgot I was wearing a nice blazer as I was traipsing outdoors. Sometimes you get these amazing blazer and pant outfits that really restrict your movement or make you feel stiff but not the Take Charm blazer and Intrepid Attitude pants. I was going around having all my friends feel them, I swear I could sleep in this if I didn't think I'd put the sandman to shame.

I did a little bit of digging to find this t-shirt with the Phrenology of a Gentleman on it (yes there is a section just for "dapperism"). It's turns out that Modcloth actually has a "Gifts for Guys & Cool Gifts" section and I couldn't pass up a shirt as dapper as this one. I actually found loads of cool t-shirts and decorations I hadn't noticed on their main page. It is surely worth a look through!

If you didn't already know Modcloth offers an array of sizes for nearly any individual and has been very consciously body positive in their advertising. I will say that it's a good thing that they offer plus sizes as well because I wear a large in their women's clothing as opposed to my men's small t-shirt. Pay special attention to their sizing charts on their website to ensure you get the right fit for you!

Photography by Morgan Nilhas