Qwearing Mini Skirts

Anonymous asked: "Hi there, I have a couple of really girly mini skirts (some with ruffles, some with lace, some with floral patterns) and I would love any suggestions on qwearing them up a bit (I already only wear skirts with converse, lol). thanks!"

I’m glad you asked about this, because I love mini skirts and I need more of them in my life. (Not on me, but on cute queers for sure.) I think the key to queering things is to be yourself, be confident, and penetrate other queers on the street with sexy knowing eye contact.

Anything with a vintage, homemade, or with a burlesque style will lend a hand to queerness. Effingdykes (Thanks!!!!) observed in her latest post that femmes these days are really into bandannas tied on the head, liquid black cat-eye liner, lip and monroe piercings, high waisted skirts, wedge heels, anything with leapond-print or polka dots, outfits that mix sweet and nasty, and undercuts. Obvi you don’t have to do any of these things to be femme or look queer, (nor do you have to identify as femme to wear a mini skirt.) But I think these styles are a great thing to check out when you’re exploring your queer identity, since they are awesome and badass and give a nodd towards queer history and culture. But in the end, totes be yourself. Even if that means carrying a Coach purse. (Ok guys, I’m sorry for making fun of Coach and saying it was only for straight people.)

Now you’re thinking vintage, burlesque… eye liner… oy. Much more to think about than your average tank from the Gap. But as always, we learn best from example. Let’s see what Fit for a Femme does, shall we?

Nothing says femme better than studded ankle boots and leather. (source: fitforafemme.com)

Let’s look at another gay icon, Kristen Stewart. (I mean, what?)

You can see a peek of the red converse, and with the 80’s sweater look and everything put together… any queer could totally rock this look. Oh, Kristen… (source: team-twilight.com)

I don’t know who this is, but I love their style:

It’s kindddda punk, (apparently inspired by Sonic Youth?) but totally a different interpretation of the whole mini skirt thing. Also with Converse…. and that hair… yum. (source: www.gastrochic.com)