Qweary: Cardigans Over Suit Vests

bgnarly3 asked: ”I just bought a tweed vest/waistcoat and was wondering if I can layer it with a cardigan over it? Or would a different sweater look better?”

The cardigan-vest combo is amazing!


1. Tweed vests are statement pieces, so center your outfit on that piece, and make sure everything else compliments it.

(from: dressedtoill.com)

2. If you’re wearing a tweed waistcoat (vest), do it up with your tie and socks, but keep it simple with your shirt and cardigan.

3. Make sure your cardigan is well-proportioned with the rest of your outfit. I love a slouchy cardigan on lazy Saturdays, but be sure to pull out a well-fitted cardigan to compliment the structure of the vest.