Qweary: Masculine Earring

Anonymous asked: So, basically, at first I'd like to say that I LOVE this blog. It made me feel so much better about myself and helped me to dress better, too, of course. Now, onto the question. I'd love an earring, but I am terrified people will read me as female because of it (and I am desperately trying to be read as male, even if it's though with my physique and, uh, face). Do you (or any of the lovely followers) know any earrings that could be only read as male?

MJ Style - a small gold hoop. It’s literally the gayest thing you can wear. I also like shapes. You can also always do that weird diamond stud thing. However, wearing just one earring will get you read as a gay man. (I only know this from experience…)


Shapes Stud Earrings Pack, at Topman for $20


Metal Charm Hoop Earrings, at Topman for $16