Qweary: Suit Jacket for Prom?

Anonymous asked: “I’m a senior in high school and will be attending my school’s prom with my girlfriend. I was planning on wearing a suit.

"I already have pants that will work, but do you know where I could get a jacket? I don’t want to get a men’s one that will look boxy, but I don’t want to look like Hilary Clinton rocking the pant suit. I’m planning on wearing converse so that’ll help. I’m kind of hoping for like Brittney Griner/Esther Quek esque look. Any suggestions on where to go? Thanks!”

My personal recommendations are the women’s blazers at Gap, J. Crew, Banana Republic, H&M, and Topshop. The problem you’re referring to is a popular issue; that many companies designing women’s suits assume that they will only be worn for business (Hilary Clinton) rather than at a fun event. But I find that these brands have cute women’s blazers that have a fairly androgynous cut and are fun to wear. The models below look super feminine in them, but if you paired it with the right clothes, I think some of these can create just the look you’re going for.

If you are going to wear a new jacket with the pants you already own, I’d aim for a different color/pattern rather than trying to match, because otherwise you could end up with two slightly different tones of black, for example. Blake wrote an awesome post on suit separates a while back that shows examples of mixing pieces.

Have fun at prom, and make sure to send us pics of your outfits!

Polka Dot Blazer, $150 at Banana Republic
Tuxedo Jacket, $34.99 at H&M
Tweed academy blazer, $74.99 at Gap
Tailored Suit Blazer, $130 at Topshop
Schoolboy blazer in Italian Wool Flannel, $159-$178 at J.Crew