Recycled Board Shorts: The Skinnydipping Alternative

When’s the last time you went swimming in floral patterned boardshorts made out of 100% recycled and recyclable polyester?

If the closest you got was getting entangled in a rose bush while skinny dipping, these might be the shorts for you. RizBoardshorts has a recycling system unique to any other swimwear brand, where they invite you to mail back your worn out shorts for 25% off your new purchase so that they can recycle them into new boardshorts. And with their retro patterns and eye for detail, their designs are as hot as their values. Here are a few pieces to whet your palate:

1. The Refined Boardshort: Riz x Aubin & Wills Ticking Stripe Print, available here for £90.00
2. The Classic Boardshort: Endangered Bee Print Yolk, available here for £85.00
3. The Retro Boardshort: Solid Red and Inner Waistband Print, available here for £80.00
4. The Classic Boardshort: Endangered Bee Print Denim, available here for £85.00