Renee Lilley, Uniquely Vintage

Renee Lilley, a hotstuff model/fashion lover in LA, gets her clothes from thrift stores, free boxes, friends, and indie shops. Some excellent inspiration for socially conscious shopping. Her unique vintage frames come from Magpie Vintage in SW Portland, OR.  I think the way she projects gender through her outfits is so strong and unique. 

Shirt: Free box
Pants: Salvation Army*
Photo credit: Elizabeth Weinberg

Shirts from Pitaya, in Royal Oak Michigan.

Photo credit: Matthew Avignone

Shirt: Gifted from friend, gotten at Salvation Army somewhere in Portland, OR

Her best friend Megan Kathleen Mcisaac took this photo before she got all her hair chopped off

Blazer: Vintage, tag ripped off. Not sure what store.
Cardigan: Ralph Lauren from Good Will
Photo credit: Shawn Brackbill

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*The Salvation Army is intensely anti-gay, just so you know.