Sean Is Back!

Your long lost curly haired political theory enthusiast is back on the queer blogosphere! I was on a bit of a hiatus, busy running two clubs at school, doing research, and giving myself a new haircut every week.

For those who recently started reading Qwear, hi! I’m Sean, and I identify as a white, working-class, trans*, queer, feminist, survivor, activist. My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and grrl/boi are okay, too. I’m a long-time friend of Sonny’s and one of Qwear’s first contributors. 


This is me giving my graduation speech.I’m wearing a J.Crew Ludlow ShirtBrooks Brothers bow tie, homemade pocketsquare (by me!), thrifted vest, thrifted suspenders, thrifted J.Press blazer, J.Crew Chinos, Corgi Socks, and Bass Wingtips. (Thanks to Momma and Stepmom for graduation gifts…)

Now with an undergraduate thesis on women in contemporary political theory, I go forth into the world to talk fancy at you and hopefully get a job as a professional queer.

(That is also me making a silly face at DYP.)


Here I got on my Brooks Brothers shirt, Ralph Lauren belt, Dockers, and Bass Weejuns

When I started writing for Qwear, I was a huge proponent of the long-hair, don’t-care, bow-tie club, but I have since cut all of my hair off. I’m still committed to long-haired queerness, because for some reason, many white queers seem to think that only short haired queer people are “real” and “legitimate” or something; I don’t understand it. (Actually, I do understand some of it. I think a lot of it has to do with the politics of legitimacy and white masculinity and racialized misogyny; i.e., the only ways that “marginalized” identities of queer people are made known, or legible/understandable, is through identification with a dominant identity, such as traditional white, classed masculinity, which is similar to the dapper [predominantly white] style craze we see here on tumblr.) BUT, since then, I have cut off all my hair. I have a new haircut every few weeks because my hair grows so quickly, but this is what my hair generally looks like:


Between archival research for my college and preparing some essays for publication and my exciting real-life job search (AHHH) I’m also preparing some posts for Qwear on white transmasculinity and privilege; prep/ivy/trad style and thrifting; and, fitting guides. Please send any/all questions to Qwear or to my personal blog, and look out for more posts.



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