Seth Cohen: The Best Dressed 16-Year-Old

Anonymous asked: I’ve recently started back to school shopping (oh joy.) and I’ve been trying to update my look, as I will be starting college and continuing high school. It’s a weird transitional time and I have no idea how to make my attire more professional but still keep it age appropriate. Currently, I dress kind of like a 12 year old boy, wearing mostly band t-shirts and skinny jeans. So how do I dress for success but still look like a 16 year old?

I would slowly work more profesh items into the wardrobe you already have. For example, pairing your jeans and band t-shirts with a blazer. Stepping up your kicks with some oxfords. Or swapping a T-shirt for a button-up or polo. Also, if you have clothes that you feel are too young for you or too worn out, get rid of them! There’s a big difference between a nice t-shirt that fits well with sloppy clothes with holes.

This might be before your time, but I really love Seth Cohen’s style on the O.C. He’s dapper and “geek chic” but still looks like he’s dressed like a 16-year-old. So now I’m going to show you a bunch of pictures of him.

(Season 1x16) For the second party of his lifetime, Seth wears his favorite T-shirt over a button-up with the sleeves left un-buttoned.

(Season 2x16) Seth puts a Mr. Rogers style vest over a T-shirt and balances out the geek factor with a cooler-than-the-backpack shoulder bag.

(Season 2x14) An innocent mischievous smile can always be accompanied with a polo shirt.

(Season 2x16) Bringing a simple jeans and sweater combo to life with a pop of orange underneath.

(season 1 x 6) When it’s time to step up his game for a fancier event, Seth mixes formal and casual and does chinos + polo and blazer. Keeping his look much younger than Mr. Cheater Luke in a dad tie.