Show Us Your Wildfang: Exclusive Preview and Influencer Reveal!

Wildfang on Qwear

(Photo credit: Lindsey Byrnes)

The Show Us Your Wildfang campaign starts today, but, they’ve shared exclusive previews with Qwear of what’s to come.

“Show Us Your Wildfang allows you to tell the world exactly what kind of Wildfang you are and at the same time be a part of something bigger,” says Emma McIlroy, Wildfang’s CEO. “When you Show Us Your Wildfang, you show us your ‘snarl’ and fill in the blank: I am a _______ Wildfang. It allows us to showcase the diversity and range of the modern tomboy, while celebrating the culture and attitude we share in common.”

“When I first heard of Wildfang I felt like Goldilocks discovering a better fitting bed or Hansel picking up crumbs on his way home,” said Casey Legler, menswear model for Ford Models. 

“What does Wildfang mean to me? Well, a Wildfang can be as dreamy as a Unicorn and as ferocious as a Wolverine,” explains Casey. “I will totally roll with you and celebrate you doing your thing because we’re all different. But the second you start trying to tell me how I should feel, or what I should look like, I will rally and kick your ass. That’s a Wildfang.”

Here is Casey Legler, in all her never-seen-before wolverine glory:


Okay, but it’s about time we figure out who this hottie was on their instagram, right??


I’m ready when you are.

Elvis Presley's Granddaughter

Congrats, @rekkabecca. Elvis Presley’s grandaughter, indeed! Riley Keough, actress. She most recently starring in the film, The Runaways with @celinedotschmidt’s very educated guess, Kristin Stewart.

The Show Us Your Wildfang campaign officially launches today, August 13th and will run until September 3rd, with one influencer being revealed each day at

Hope you enjoyed the preview!