Single and Ready to Mingle

Whatsernamemn asked: "I’m going out for my friend’s 21st this weekend and I don’t know many of the people going so I want to make a good impression/maybe meet a cute girl."

"I’m used to just wearing a vneck and jeans to go out, but I’d like to look a bit more put together while still looking cute and queer. Any ideas for a good outfit? I guess you could say I’m more androgynous than anything else. I wear a lot of button downs, bowties and blazers, as well as vnecks and such."

Take one of you button-downs, bow ties, and blazers, and pair them with the jeans and some casual kicks. Mixing casual and formal pieces will make a nice impression without being too over the top. And bow ties are always a good conversation starter:

Girl: Cute bow tie!
You: Thanks! It’s Dyke Duds approved.
Girl: You read Dyke Duds?? OMG I love that blog!!!

See, I got you covered.